AMINSANA EVENTS PLACE is a one hectare expanse of greens that houses facilities that include a 550 square meters Pavilion, a 1,500 square meters garden, a 150 square meters Suites, 1,200 square meters parking area, 8 spacious restrooms for guests and a 65 square meters covered area for caterers.Exclusivity and security as an events place mark our economic edge because ours is a one event at a time, place. We want your event to be truly special so that all our facilities are for your exclusive use on the day of your event.
Quality defining essentials like a stellar and cool ambiance; top of the line amenities and services in a spectacular backdrop of a professional designed garden will make your event a truly special and memorable one.We are located in the quaint town of Amadeo, adjacent to Tagaytay which has the same cool weather like Tagaytay but with a countryside air ideal for a destination garden wedding and reception, power lunch fetes, unique birthday celebrations, theme debuts and anniversaries, product launching projects and other social and corporate events.
For Catholic weddings, the beautiful and historic Church of Mary Magdalene, in the town proper of Amadeo, is just 2 kilometers from our Events Place.


It opens up and surprises you with every step, every corner

"It opens up and surprises you with every step, every corner. This is what my fiancee Aaron and I agreed on after our visit at AMINSANA. At first, the simple gate and name plate at the entrance did not make a loud statement. For us, it felt a little mysterious. Aminsana is like a discovering. The driveway is wide and parking is spacious. It doesn't become an obstruction when an event is on-going, for sure. If you see it, you will know why. The have tastefully made it so. We like the huge wall of mirrors hat takes the garden inside. The landscaped garden is lush and green, obviously well taken care of. The amenities of this place is well thought of o provide comfort for guests, like the many restrooms and separate place for caterers. Especially the Master Suite and Guest Bedroom that can be used by the Bride and her entourage. We feel for this place , and so liked its name, we really wish it was ours."

Joai Caldo

It is very nice

" We visited your place. It is very nice."

Wilma Rodil
May 6, 2017

Prettier and more spacious up close and personal

"The place looks even prettier and more spacious, up close and personal, than on the photos on your website."

Cassie Tan
"soon to be wed"

Nice covered pavilion and bridal suites

It is really nice, especially the covered pavilion and the bridal suites.


Paradise for rent!

"Paradise for rent! Cool climate, spacious lounging area that can convert to a dance party place. Wide open spaces for garden affairs and even for kids to roam about."

Carolyn Macgregor Esposo